The Whisperers

About a decade ago, a strange phenomena began to appear among the citizens of Svard. People were having dreams of a great dark presence—always close by but always unseen— that would whisper into their ear as they slept. No one could remember what this presence was or what it had whispered to them, but the fact that it was afflicting so many people, of all castes, ages and locations, prompted the system’s governing body—the Crystal Council—to begin an investigation based on fears of warp-sorcery or the emergence of a proscribed cult.

Unfortunately, before any real knowledge as to the nature of the dreams was uncovered, the entire system began to suffer acts of terrorism and sabotage. Ordinary citizens began attacking their neighbors and striking at the very infrastructure of the system itself. At first, the council thought this was its fears of a cult confirmed, but as reports flooded in, they could find no plan behind the attacks beyond anarchy and no link between the attackers beyond the fact that most seemed to have dreamed of the Whisperer.

Through increased security and screening, the council did manage to reduce the effects of the attacks, however, the Whisperers, as they became known, continued to plague the moons of Svard. The most terrifying thing was that there seemed no defense against them; a man could go to sleep an ordinary citizen and awaken as a Whisperer. The council even employed its few precious psykers to try and track the source of these dreams, but their skills proved too weak; only indicating that it was the power of the warp at work.

Eventually, only the ice moon of Svard,furthest from the gas giant’s surface and thus the reach of the Whisperer, remained. It became a settlement under siege and paralyzed with fear. It is now only a question of what will kill Svard first; the cells of Whisperers that infest its hives, or the slow death of its resource-starved populace.


The Whisperers

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