The Kasballica

The Kasballica, a great shadow-conclave of Drusus Marches crime barons, watches the exploration of the Halo Stars with interest.

The Cold Trade in xenos artefacts (such as rainbowsheen materials from dead worlds of the Egarian Dominion) spreads from the Koronus Passage to run throughout the Calixis Sector and is a fountain of wealth for Kasballica factions. The crime barons send trusted retainers into the Maw to cultivate Rogue Traders and ensure that a sufficient cut of the Cold Trade flows into their coffers.

The Kasballica is old and established, having operated in the area since a few decades after the Angevin Crusade. While the Kasballica’s involvement in the Cold Trade is an open secret, it’s subtlety has allowed it’s activities to remain largely under the radar of the Inquisition and the Imperial Navy, and due to it’s considerable influence, the Imperial powers have had little choice but to allow it to exist out of salutary neglect. However, this fine balance is being threatened by the recent attempts of The Amaranthine Syndicate to establish a foothold in the Koronus Expanse Cold Trade.

While the Kasballica maintain contacts in a variety of ports across the Calixis Sector and the Koronus expanse, their most prominent present remains at Footfall, at the the Kasballica Mission, which houses their most skilled negotiators and ruthless enforcers, as well as merchants of forbidden goods and services. If the price is right they can provide, purchase, or arrange transport for almost anything.

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The Kasballica

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