Quick Start Rules

Shit we’ve been doing wrong/Rules reminders

  • Apparently you have the option of swapping out the results of any damage roll with your degrees of success on your hit roll. That’s interesting.
  • Toughness is applied to each hit individually. The only time damage is added up before applying toughness is when righteous fury occurs.

Rogue Trader: Quick Start Rules

Here is a link to the quick start rules.

Please read pages 5-13 and do not read the adventure that follows.

Rogue Trader: Quick Reference

Alternative rules reference to the above. Contains a summary of actions for ship-to-ship combat.

Rogue Trader: Ship Creation Guide

Ship Creation and an overview of the rules for Starship combat. Skim at your leisure.

Hey, you might ask, does our ship have floor plans?

There is no such thing as “floor plans”, because your ship, likely being thousands years old is a complicated maze of sealed off, rebuilt, quarantineed, refurbished, reinforced, bulk-welded conflagration of sub-areas and isolated regions – perhaps originally the ship had a conventional layout – but that is no longer the case. The crew, having been born, raised and likely to die there – all know their sections – but it makes little sense – amd since there is no particular reason for any single one person to know the entire ship, no one does. Certainly some crew likely have a job of traversing the considerable maze of your ship – buit that’s their entire vocation – and they learned it from their parents.

Character Creation

Digital Character Sheets

If you, like, hate pencils or something.

Career Paths

Basically the classes within the game:

  • Arch-militant – Warriors without peer, leaders of soldiers.
  • Astropath Transcendant – Communicators of the Imperium, sound-bound psykers.
  • Explorator – Masters of machinery, seekers of ancient technology.
  • Missionary – Emissaries of the Emperor’s world, healers and leaders.
  • Navigator – Mutants, pilots of the warp.
  • Rogue Trader – Masters of starships, leaders, diplomats and rogues (in the ne’er-do-well sense of the word, not the stabby sense)
  • Seneschal – Keepers of secret knowledge, subtle investigators.
  • Void-master – Pilots, gunners, and masters of space.

Origin Paths

We will be going over this in detail during our first session, in which we’ll do character/ship creating.

Character generation will involve creating an origin path. It’s a quick way of generating/articulating your PC’s backstory for people who aren’t super familiar with the setting.

Basically works like this: Choose something from the top row (Homeworld). Then, choose either the square below, or adjacent to the square below (IE if you chose Voidborn for Homeworld, you can choose Scavenger, Scapegrace, or Stubjack; if you choose Scavenger, you can then choose Tainted or Criminal). Alternatively you can start on the bottom row (Motivation) and work your way up.

Note that the career paths are just there for reference are not part of the origin path.

Useful Charts and References

Combat Actions (Simple)

Available combat actions

Advanced Combat Options


Guides to Being a Psychic Nerd

Wow. Aren’t you special.

How To Astropath

How To Navigator


Quick Start Rules

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