Pre-Session Checklist

Pre-Session Checklist.

Before each session, please make sure you do the following:

  1. If you have spent XP open up your character sheet in excel, flip to the Modern CS page of the excel document, and then print. Bring this to the session.
  2. Look at your Talent Summary tab. The page is too big to print out, so if you want a physical copy you will need to either PRINT-SCREEN and then copy to Paint, or disable the protection and copy and paste the cells to another excel file, or even better, write it out on the back of your character sheet.
  3. If your character has any psychic powers, it is your responsibility to know them. Make sure you know the following:
    1. What stat to check to cast the power.
    2. What type of action casting the power is (Free, Reaction, Half or Full)
    3. The effects of the power, including any further rolls you or the target has to make.
  4. If the party is in port and Acquisitions are possible, please reply to the most recent Adventure Log with any Acquisitions you wish to make. Calculate all appropriate penalties and bonuses, and the rolling will be done and results narrated will be delivered first thing next session.

We have a lot of players for this campaign, and to manage that I will need your cooperation.

  • No cell phones at the table, no texting and excuse yourself if you need to answer a call.
  • Side conversations are OK, but when I call for everyone’s attention give it to me.
  • If you are in combat, please think about what you are going to do during your turn while it is everyone else’s turn. Please don’t spend five minutes making a decision.

Thank you.

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Pre-Session Checklist

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