Phallus Maximus

Once-proud flagship of the Rinn Dynasty


Key Characteristics

Name: Officially, The Stella Rubra; Unofficially, The Phallus Maximus
Class: Dauntless
Hull: Light Cruiser
Speed: 7
Maneuverability: 15
Detection: 30 (20+10)
Turret Rating: 1
Shields: 1
Armor: 19
Hull Integrity: 37/60
Power Usage: 58/60
Space Usage: 51/60


Crew Population 77%
Crew Morale 78%

Essential Components

Name Power Space Special
Jovian Pattern Class 3 Drive 0 12 +60 Power
Strelov 2 Warp Engine 1 12
Gellar Field 1 0
Single Void Shield Array 5 1 +1 Void Shield
Armored Bridge 3 2 If this component takes a Critical Hit or becomes damaged or unpowered, roll 1d10. On a 4 or higher, the component is unharmed
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer 5 3
Voidsman Quarters 2 4
Deep Void Auger Array 5 0 Increased power draw adds +10 to ship’s detection.

Supplemental Components

Name Power Space Special
Murder Servitors 1 1 +20 to Opposed Command Tests when used for Hit and Run; When determining Hit inflicted by Hit and Run Action they participated in, the character conducting the raid may select any result between 1 and 6 rather than rolling.
Trophy Room 1 1 When working towards Exploration Trade, or Criminal objectives, the players earn an addition 50 Achievement Points towards completing the objective.

Weapons Systems

Name Strength Crit Rating Damage Range Location Power Space
Titanforge Lance Battery 2 3 1d10+4 6 Prow 13 6
Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadside 6 5 1d10+2 6 Port 4 5
Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadside 6 5 1d10+2 6 Starboard 4 5

Complications and History

Martial Hubris: The ship has a glorious legacy of warfare and triumphant combats. It is always eager to fight, and unwilling to back down. The ship gains +5 to all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire its weapons, but suffers –15 on any Pilot (Space Craft) Tests made to escape combat.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Beneath this vessel’s unassuming exterior is a dangerous spacefaring predator. The captain selects three Components. When scanned or subjected to anything but a thorough internal inspection, these components will either not register on the scans, or appear to be a different Component of the same type. Thus, the ship might hide additional armour plating, or a small macrobattery may be much more powerful than it appears. However, the ship suffers –2 Power to maintain the systems creating the illusion. The ship may also have concealed smuggling compartments, unseen passageways, hidden cogitation-override programming, or other secrets.

  • Lance completely hidden within prow armor (it extends outward when in use)
  • Macrobatteries are partially sunken in when not in use, making them appear smaller.
  • Murder-Servitors chamber hidden from scans and only accessible through secret passage.

Rogue trader battlefield kronus header

Archibald Rinn’s Ave Aquila

The flagship of Rinn Dynasty has traded hands several years in the Dynasty’s history. When Archibald Rinn led his doomed crusade into the Heathen Stars, this repurposed Dauntless class Imperial cruiser sailed under the name Ave Aquila. His campaign was disastrous; Archibald Rinn himself died on a nameless planet and left his dynasty destitute and his fleet reduced to its capital ship. As word of his failures spread, other Rogue Traders swarmed in like vultures and poached many of his trade lines.

Sarvus Rinn’s Stella Rubra

Upon inheritance of the Rinn Warrant, his son, Sarvus Rinn, had some initial success in rebuilding the Rinn Empire. Seeking to shed association with his father’s humiliation, Sarvus renamed the Rinn flagship the Stella Rubra, after retrofitting the cruiser’s heavily damaged prow with bright red armor. Sarvus spent many years attempting to establish trade routes within the Imperium, and was reluctant to journey too far away from Imperium’s presence for fear of meeting a fate similar to his disgraced father’s. In his later years, Sarvus’ skill as a captain steadily waned, as he became increasingly obsessed with securing the legendary cipher of Valeros, which would supposedly reveal a safe and stable Warp Route that could be used to undercut the trade of thousands of Merchant Houses. However, this obsession slowly brought him under the influence of the Ruinous powers…

Kenn Rinn’s Phallus Maximus

Once Sarvus was rendered… incapable of serving as Captain, his son Kenn gained control of the Warrant of Trade. While the ship is still registered as the Stella Rubra, and in official circumstances should hail as such, the youthful and brash Kenn and his retinue of equally juvenile companions have unofficially renamed the ship the Phallus Maximus.

Despite, or perhaps because of, its colorful history, the Phallus Maximus remains a very capable warship. As with most cruisers in the Imperium, the Phallus Maximus had once been an imperial flagship, and Archibald Rinn had outfitted it to conquer entire systems. While under Sarvus’ command, the ship had taken a more commercial role and appearance, but the ship’s tech-priests have always said that its machine spirit has never forgotten that it was once a conqueror of worlds.

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