Astropath Zaogao

The ship's Astropath. Has poor tactical sense, but a passion for killing stuff with his mind.


Born on aboard one of the myriad cargo ships of a merchant fleet, Zaogao spent his early years as an undisciplined troublemaker who made (stole) his way through the lower hulls of the ship, to the apathy of his preoccupied parents. However, Zaogao manifested his pysker powers at an early age. Ever devout to the precepts of the Imperium, Zaogao’s parents quickly handed the boy over to the Black Ships of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica.

Zaogao’s psychic gifts were potent enough for him to be selected to become one of the Imperium’s Astropaths, performing the vital role of serving as the primary form of communication of the Imperium. Because his choices were either become an astropath or be sacrificed to the God-Emperor, Zao begrudgingly chose the former. Indeed Zaogao was always more interested in developing his more formidable telekinetic gifts than he was in being a glorified radio tower for the Imperium. The narrow existence of a mere astropath was never enough to please the still-free-spirited lower-deck urchin inside Zaogao.

The spartan lifestyle of the astropath initiate was not one Zaogao particularly enjoyed, and he never forgot how his freedom was stolen from him. So it was little wonder that, after surviving the ordeal that was the soul-binding, Zaogao jumped at the opportunity to join the crew of a Rogue Trader ship far away from the overbearing Adeptus Astra Telepathica, seeking the decadent lifestyle of a Rogue Trader’s personal retainer.

Astropath Zaogao

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