Varius Teruuno

A soldier of misfortune who has been hired as a semi-permanent senior officer


Varius Teruuno was not born by that name, but has chosen it for himself as a cover to protect himself from his tumultuous past.

He was born on a Forge World at the edge of Imperial space. Because of the world’s location, it was subject to numerous attacks and Varius was trained to fight off such attacks from a young age. He was only 14 when a sudden WAAAGH of Orks began an invasion of his planet. The Adeptus Astartes were called for, but until then, the PDF and the few regiments of Imperial Guard that were stationed on the planet had to hold them off. Casualties were so high that the defense forces had to conscript from the civilians they were protecting, and Varius was one of such people who were given a lasgun and no more training than “point the gun at the orks and pull the trigger”. Turns out, though, that Varius was a natural with a gun and found purpose in using it to protect people. So, after the Space Marines cleansed the planet of Orks, Varius joined up with the Imperial Guard who were stationed on the planet.

However, he soon found that being an Imperial Guardsman had far less guarding than he had expected. Numerous times, his squad would be reassigned from protecting civilian sectors to provide an extra layer of protection to a sector with “more strategic value”. Varius also chafed under the command style of the Commissars, some of which were all too happy to kill their own men. Varius butted heads with the Commissars and came very close to being executed for insubordination multiple times. His frustrations with the Imperial Guard came to a head when he found that during a particularly heavy invasion of the planet by Chaos raiders, that the high-ups in the Imperial Guard had been having civilians purposely killed to turn them into Servitors to fight the invaders with.

Enraged, Varius decided that the people on his planet died far too often as it was, and that a true Guard would protect people, not leave them to die, or worse, kill them itself. He took advantage of the scattered martial forces after the invasion was over and gathered together a sizable resistance army made largely of overworked laborers and idealistic civilians to try and wrest control of the planet from the Imperium.

The resulting, drawn-out campaign was the most bloody ordeal the Forge World, which had been invaded multiple times over, had ever seen. Despite watching his makeshift forces die left and right to the better trained and equipped Imperial Guard – the same Imperial Guard that Varius was once a part of – he refused to admit defeat or that his ideals were wrong and remained convinced that he could win.

The end result of the rebellion was half a planet’s worth of laborers, all branded traitors and killed to almost the last man. Varius was able to fake his death among the piles of corpses that were once his soldiers. Assumed dead by the Imperium, Varius fled to the other edge of Imperial space and scraped together a new life as a bounty hunter and mercenary before being hired on by one rogue trader by the name of Kenn Rinn. Figuring he had little else to lose and that even a group of pirates and thieves would be better than a group of murdering Guardsmen, he agreed to lend the Rinn dynasty his considerable skills and was hired on as the ship’s Chief Bosun.

Varius Teruuno

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