Sister Libertina

Unsettling Multi-Armed Representative of the Death Medics

What little is known about Sister Libertina, the mysterious, newly-appointed, chief Chirurgeon aboard the Phallus Maximus, has been whispered among the more curious crew members who have paid a visit to medical bay since the “reorganization” of the ship’s more conservative senior crew:

To those of lower clearance she seems merely to be a hunchbacked preacher with some capacity for resetting limbs and administering stimulants and providing a moral compass for those whose faith in the Imperial creed is particularly strong. However, to those among the crew that have seen her fight, one might question her propriety of her service- a clearly deviant four-armed mutant espousing the blood sacrifice of enemies to the Emperor in a manner eerily reminiscent to the Chaos followers of Khorne. This initial impression however, may be dismissed in the face of her combat prowess and pure adherence to the core of the Imperial creed: the worship of the divine Emperor of mankind.

Sister Libertina hails from the Calixis Sector, native to the planet Kenov III, a Death World in the Malfian subsector, near the Halo stars and Koronus expanse. Her homeworld’s vast deserts, inhabited by gargantuan sand-dragons and the deadly man-eating flora known as Ripper Whips are contrasted by its abundant riches of exotic promethium, the fuel that powers Imperial machines of war and the holy flamers used by the militants of the Ecclesiarchy. The especially harsh ecology of Kenov III provided an excellent training ground for aspiring trainees of the Adepta Sororitas- more commonly known as Sisters of Battle. However, despite preparedness in the face of the everyday horrors inhabiting Kenov III, the training school would not be prepared in the face of a planet-wide Ork WAAAGH! that descended on the planet. Libertina witnessed the slaughter and bloodshed that came down upon the Sororitas Schola at the young age of 15, surviving to till Imperial Guard reinforcements arrived thanks to the martyrdom of headmaster missionary Sarvus Gerrault whose corpse was found clutching two flamers, surrounded by the melted remains of what must have been over several dozen Orks.

This sacrifice, along with the subsequent disbanding of the school left Libertina bitter and hate-filled, eager to shed the blood of any Xenos in any military operation. The life of the mercenary called to her- and so she spent the remainder of her teenage years working as a hired gun in the Calixis sector, primarily with Inquisitors and Ecclesiarchy. In another twist of ill-fate, however, when tasked to hunt down an errant psyker, she would be exposed to the horrific mutating energies of a localized Warp incursion- causing the very ironic four-armed mutation that she lives with to this day.

Sister Libertina

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