Nubekenezzer Hazan

The ship's arms master and robot arms master.


Master of Ordinance aboard the Phallus Maximus.

Formerly a NCO in the Battlefleet Calixis (specifically, a Senior Chief Petty Officer).


Nubekenezzer Hazan was raised on Tarsus X, a dangerous planet covered with the remains of various battles and skirmishes (as well as failed capitalist ventures) in the Segmentum Obscura. On this planet, it was standard practice for local crime lords to utilize unemployed orphans (as there were many just sitting about) to scour the badlands for usable loot. Hazan was recruited to be a part of a small scavenging team and, once the rest of the team had noticed Hazan’s ability to shoot things repeatably, joined the ranks of security.

The planet had the unfortunate status of being considered tactically negligible by the Imperium (the Adeptus Mechanicus having declared the planet devoid of any interesting archeotech) and relatively close to the Eye of Terror. As a result, the planet was subjected to frequent minor incursions by Chaos raiders that the locals were left to fend off by themselves. Life was not valued highly on Tarsus X, and Hazan became a tad cynical as a result. He was on good terms with the boss, who considered him to be an asset, and lived a life of comparative luxury compared to others on the planet. So when Hazan’s arm was horribly mangled in a freak accident involving old wreckage, a fifth of ethanol, an errant Chaos worshipper, and a toothbrush, Hazan received a new, high-quality arm to replace it.

After completing his duties to the boss, who died a happy and rich man but left behind an asshole of a son (who often made fun of his robot arm), Hazan left the syndicate, joined a security force and somehow ended up inside a skirmish between Imperial forces and Chaos worshippers. His baddassery attracted the eye of the Imperial Navy officers, and he was offered a position. He joined up with the Navy, and met Ramirez Veche. He quickly tired of sentry duty and the pennance that he received to spend on booze and chicks, so when the oppurtunity came to join the crew of the Phallus Maximus, Hazan hopped on board as the Master of Ordinance and continued to do what he did best: Shoot things.

Nubekenezzer Hazan

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