Kenn Rinn

The swaggering, overconfident captain of the Phallus Maximus


A man in his early thirties who, with his fondness for the colors red and gold, lives up to the stereotype of garishly-dressed Rogue Traders, going so far as to have the ceramic plates of his Storm Trooper armor painted gold before use, despite the fact that a majority of them can’t be seen under his bright red jacket.

Wears a beautifully made sword and pistol in his belt. Both look as though they belong on a mantle more than a battlefield, but he wears them well. Each weapon has the same motif of a golden eagle’s wing and an eagle’s claw grasping a sphere.

He’s almost always got half a grin on his face and a cocked eyebrow and the kind of nauseating overconfidence in himself that’d make one want to slug him. His moustache is small, but neatly groomed, the kind of moustache a true rogue wears, or so he says.


Growing up hearing tales of his grandfather’s ill-fated mission and seeing his father’s increasing desperation to carve out a niche for himself in the trading scene at the heart of the Imperium, Kenn decided that if the Rinn family was going to continue at all, something was going to have to change. He couldn’t figure out what, exactly, though, so he enjoyed what luxury his father had managed to scrounge up for them from the ashes of Archibald Rinn’s ignominy for most of his life, content to let his father build his trade routes and barter and whatever else.

Kenn’s answer came to him in his later teenage years when the Stella Rubra happened upon another trading ship being attacked by pirates. For various reasons (chief among them being that the ship being attacked belonged to one of his chief rivals) Sarvus ordered that they were not to answer the distress beacon and they navigated around the scene of the battle. Kenn, however saw on the augury screens the pirates easily overpowering the crew of the trading ship and simply taking all their goods. Everything his father and other traders had worked for could simply be taken at gunpoint! It could all be so simple!

Kenn had enough common sense to not suggest a life of piracy to his increasingly frustrated father, who had taken to obsessing over some likely-fictional cipher and decided to bide his time until the Warrant of Trade passed to him. Then, he could make some changes and get this dynasty moving in the right direction once again.

And pass to him the Warrant did, though not as he expected. As his father grew more obssessed, he began to barracade himself in his quarters more and more often. At first, no one seemed to notice. The senior officers were competent enough to run the ship’s day to day activities without Sarvus’ input. However, eventually the crew started to notice increasingly unsettling noises coming from Sarvus’ room at odd hours and no one would see Sarvus for weeks or months on end. Kenn suspected something was wrong, but decided to leave it be and that his father was just working himself too hard.

After a particularly unsettling Warp jump, in which the Geller Field fluctuated at an alarming speed in the vicinity of the Captain’s quarters, Kenn kicked down the door to his father’s room just in time to see a daemon reaching out from a warp portal and into his father’s mind. Kenn stood there, not sure of what to do, until an old Missionary who was hitching a ride on the ship at the time burst in the room and exorcised the daemon. Sarvus was still technically alive, but driven to insanity by the Warp. Kenn left him in the care of the Missionary and assumed control of the ship and the dynasty.

He promptly went about stranding the senior officers who didn’t agree with his new plans (which were all of them) on an uninhabited planet and hired on the cheapest, bottom-of-the-discout-barrel replacements he could scrounge up out of scuzzy space station bars, death-world back alleys, and hive-world unemployment offices. Now he and his band of the Imperium’s detritus roam the stars in search of things to kill and loot to loot.

The sword and pistol Kenn uses are from back in the days when the ship was the Ave Aquila. The sword was a decorative inaugral gift to Archibald from the Imperium officials who signed his Warrant and sanctioned his crusade, and the pistol was commissioned by Archibald as a gift for Sarvus. He meant to give it to him himself when he inherited the Warrant.

Both were perfectly good weapons sitting on a mantle in the Captain’s Room, so Kenn figured that meant he was entitled to them, now that he’s captain. And hey, better they get used than sit around collecting dust, right?

Kenn Rinn

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