Hadarak Fel

Humiliated Former Warrantholder of the Fel Dynasty


Hadarak Fel is an old Rogue Trader hardened by years sailing the void and facing its perils. He also likes to dress flamboyantly, playing the part of the simpering noble or foppish merchant. Hadarak once enjoyed a dire reputation among his peers as a potent competitor and merciless opponent.


However, Rinn Dynasty has humiliated Hadarak Fel, who has since been deprived of his ship and his reputation. This humiliation has allowed his upstart nephew Abimelech Fel, the heir apparent of the Fel Dynasty, to assume control of the Fel Dynasty.

His family sees his misfortunes his own failure and thus bear the Rinn Dynasty no particular ill will, however Hadarek himself longs for revenge. Rumor has it that Abimelech Fel is rather pleased at his uncle’s sudden fall from grace, which freed him from the inconvenience of trying to have him assassinated.

The Rinn Dynasty has, for obvious reasons, earned the utter and undying enmity of Hadarak Fel himself. However, cut off from his families resources and sent off by his nephew to oversee low-priority trade interests in relatively quiet portions of the empire, Hadarak has few opportunities to pursue these aspirations of vengeance.

Hadarak Fel

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